ETL 507 Study Visit in Melbourne

Day 1 – 23rd September

State Library of Victoria

State_Library_of_VictoriaThe La Trobe Reading Room

I had never been in the State Library of Victoria before, I learned a great deal and was inspired by this visit to the library. The most important thing I have learnt at the library is regarding volunteers’ works. Why it is vital and how the volunteers arc significant as a part of the library team. Before I visited this library, my recognition and evaluation to volunteer work was very poor. However; I have learnt that people who willing to involved volunteer work have various purposes such as gaining work experience and giving back to the community. Especially, some retired specialists often back to the library were very impressed. At the school library contexts, it might be difficult to accept many volunteers as child protection issue; however it will be possible to expand their work to meet their skills not only letting and sorting books.

Rating 4/5

As this was my first state library visit I had no idea what to expect for this visit. In the first session, presenters were excellent and I can say I have gotten much encouragement from them. It was a very valuable session. After the session, we had the library tour with one of librarians. Her explanation was interesting; however the tour seemed to be general. For example, she explained how to use catalogue and photocopier. I was wondering if it was not met our needs. Overall, the library is wonderful as an academic library and preserving a heritage property and introducing art work related to Melbourne and Victoria.

National meteorological library

Discovery_log_1929_11_12-15 The Discovery, on Mawson’s 1929-31 expedition.

It was interesting library which is highly specialized to support the Bureau of Metrology staff. Its collection is within a very narrow range of DDC – mostly 551.5 – and learning of the UDC system used to cater for these classifications. However the collection includes some historical documents – particularly statistical climate data for Australia. It is very important to preserve this rare and valuable collection and pass it down to the next generation. This collection is not directly related to us; however it is argued that this collection related to us thorough the BOM. It is very interesting. According to the librarian who gave us an interesting presentation, although the library team is quite small, each staff efficiently works with their special skills. It gave me some impression as there is generally small team at the school library.

Rating 3/5

img_1591As it is mentioned in the reflection, this library has specialized collection to be meeting its very narrow mission of helping BOM staff members make better decisions by making critical research findable. Although this library opens to the public, the users are required booking in advance and they have to go through the layers of security such as register at reception and swipe card doors to enter. Therefore the public rarely see this library nor are they encouraged. It is a shame; even though the library targets the staff members at BOM as their patrons, it is worth seeing the collection.
Digitized is a big issue under current library situation. However it is difficult for this library as there are various formats and a fear of destroyed rare collection.

Day 2 – 24th September

RMIT Swanston Street Campus Library



RMIT Library is operating with a comparatively modest resource base and is currently progressing to the significant renovation. This renovation aims to consolidate the University library and create more space there for students. This library is the most impressive in this study tour as all library staff including behind the desk seems to work with passion to support students. I was absolutely inspired their approach and attitude to students. For example, students want to know how to get good marks; however the librarians try giving students opportunities to improve their learning skills. It is wonderful as if students improve their learning skills, it can be strength for life learning. In addition, I as a future secondary school librarian realized the importance of learning skills again and students at secondary school need to improve the skills for start academic learning.

Rating 5/5

The presentation session was Very interesting; especially some personal opinions that I could hear from the librarians. It became a booster shot to my motivation The library is dealing with rapidly changing information and provides students appropriate research environment. In addition, now the Library has an opportunity to renovate. It is believed that the new library will be able to be the model as an ideal library in the future. I am looking forward visiting the new RMIT library and I will find how the library develops the virtual and physical environments.

Ask a Librarian | RMIT University


Library of the Federal Court


home_melbourne_v2I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to see this specialty library, and would never have known its existence if not for this study visit. It was interesting to compare to other libraries as this is very specialized library, provides only special subject-the law. It is mainly used by judges at the court. When I got in the library, I was overpowered with its silence and the collection. Most libraries generally provide study space as much as possible for its user; however surprisingly there is not exact study space. In addition I was so appreciated that I could touch and see the old books which were published hundreds years ago and must be treasure. According to the librarian, these old books are still used as practical resources. It is also amazing.

Rating 4/5

I did enjoy learning collecting in such a narrow subject range and I found this library as interesting as other libraries visit on the study tour. However I can say that I, as a prospective teacher librarian had little interest level with this specialized juridical library. Furthermore this library is not active to digitization. At this point this library goes the opposite direction against the current mainstream. However it seems to meet the users’ needs. lawlibrary
Overall, the librarian presented many interesting stories and brilliant explanations. There are rear resources which are accessible. Even if teacher librarians do not find some ideas to adapt the school libraries, it is worth seeing this library.



Day 3 – 25th September

Public Records Office of Victoria



Public Record Office Victoria is the archives of the State Government of Victoria. It holds approximately 100kms of records from the mid 1830s to current which to manage for use by the Government and people of Victoria. The records related indigenes people have worked to fill a gap between the lost generations. People tend to use the PROV to find their family histories. It was interesting for me as not many people try doing it in my country. However not all records open to the public as individual and confidential reasons. There are huge storages to preserve records. They are automatically controlled to keep the best condition. It was very impressed and I was thinking of how people tried keeping these records in olden days.
The PROV has unique number system with its barcode to classify the records. It was remarkable and seemed to meet preserving heaps of valuable records.

Rating 4/5

fig1-420x462This place is not called as the library; however I enjoyed having the chance to visit this special place. Even though I have known its existence, I did not have any opportunity to get in and see various spaces before this study visit. It was interesting to compare to other libraries in this study tour as it has a more delicate to preserve and manage its resources-records. Australia is composed of people with diverse backgrounds and each person has their own history. This place is valuable to keep people’s achievements and history, not only well known person but also ordinary person.


Lenton Parr Music, Visual and Performing Arts Library


This library is successfully meeting the needs of its unique and specific students who are studying there. It has a rich collection that directly provide to music, dance, and visual arts and performing arts students as well as on site spaces and facilities catering to the study of these fields. The library is also successfully choosing how to best utilise its budget for students through providing 24/7 online access service as the current students are negative to visit the library. 24/7 service will be considered issue at the secondary school library as students are likely to work on their homework and assignments out of school hours. The library and its collection are wonderful; however the most fabulous thing at this library is passionate librarian team.

Rating 4/5

It was great to see how music resources are collected and held. It was also very interesting to learn more about non-text based e-resources such as streaming music and video. The librarian who guided us gave me very interesting information about how she helps students and how engages in various tasks with passion. She was wonderful – a very knowledgeable and passionate librarian to meet and hear from.
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and observing this small but informative university library.


Day 4 – 26th September

Library @ the Dock



The Library is still developing as it is the latest library in city of Melbourne and opened this year. However they do wonderful things to recognise its patrons and use their space in the best ways for its users. I was surprised by the various spaces through the library tour. According to the librarian , this library aims not only working as a general library but also a community hub enabling people to come together to create, explore, connect, belong, learn and participate. It is excellent and it is believed that it will be an ideal of future library. I also respected the library highly adapt diverse technologies such as an automatic book sorter and kiosk stations to borrow and loan their books. Using these technologies produce time to help with more complex questions, queries, and to get on with other aspects of their jobs.
In addition, their public outreach programs and events are absolutely brilliant. The staff seems very enthusiastic about these which would clearly help with their development and success.

Rating 4/5

As I mentioned it in the reflection, the library recognizes its patron and highly engaged with the community at the Dock. The library is willing to have collections of Languages Other Than English (LOTE); however there is only Chinese collection at the moment. Since the nearest community to the library is mostly consisted migrants from China. I really appreciated this choice as the first languages for migrants are very important to keep their identity and the tradition. Additionally they run workshops to introduce the latest technologies such as 3D printer. It is very informative for the patrons. Overall the library is wonderful not only library itself but also its building as it is considered sustainability. I expect if the library will more improve its physical accessibilities for the disabled people in future.


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