Module3: OLJ Task ASU The Libray Minute

Arizona State University (ASU) has provided a huge amount of information to its students throughout the web site the library channel. On top of their home page, there are various Social Network Services (SNS) provided such as Twitter, Facebook, youtube, Vimeo and so on.

One minute videos

I have watched one minuet videos to follow the play list called the Library Minute. I am absolutely impressed by the quality, creative talents of the producers. Even more persuaded that the Library Minute series is a brilliant and innovative idea to engage library users in the cyber generation.

The Library Minute is very short video about 1 minute, just like the name. However, it provides and promotes the library collections, services and to broadcast events, programme and conversation to the community. This series appeal and engage users as each video is consisted with the creative use of texts, visuals and a good sense of music. Also this is not only one way, it opens to the community to provide opportunities for users to converse with the producers throughout feedback and comments.

The library also uses a number of Web 2.0 tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, RSS, Flickr, Vimeo and iTunes to achieve the 4Cs of social media. Especially the library Facebook is actively used to update and inform users various library information such as the latest news, events and announcements. This is a useful platform to encourage users to engage in conversations and collaboration.

Twitter is also actively using in conversation with users, it has over 2500 followers. While the Facebook page seems to be used main platform to review things that have already happened, the Twitter feed keeps users up to date with current and upcoming news, as well as infrequently reminding them about library resources and quickly responding users’questions from opening hours to possible assistances by library stuff.
The library is also using RSS feeds to provide targeted information to users such as new items in the collection and new services. The users easily obtain heir required information by subscribing on RSS.

The ASU library has contributed to its users throughout using a variety of web 2.0 tools. It may not be a perfect for the users; however; there are a lot off excellent material of its own to keep visitors interested and coming back, and feedback is encouraged,

My favorite one minute video


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