Module2: OLJ Task Delicious

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Delicious is one of social bookmarking web services for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.
I prefer Delicious to others such as Furl and Simpy as its easiness.

The main reasons for this are as follows

Organizing my resources

In daily life, it can be a big challenge to read every interesting readings like news paper article on the web, and blog posts that is shared with my friends through SNS such as Twitter and Facebook as people including myself are driven by business  Therefore I bookmark them with Delicious for later, as whenever looking for information on a particular topic, I have a good collection of favorite articles and pages.


I find some interesting when I am browsing the web or reading blog posts and articles. Even though I want to actually use that information, it is not necessarily at the time. Consequently I bookmark them instead of possibly forgetting about how the information is useful and then I tag each of bookmarks with chosen index terms and generating action tags instead.


Search through useful and newly added websites added by a large community of users, for example I can find various information in INF206-506 community on Delicious. It is very helpful as It is efficient in terms of time and search and locate a wide range of information.
Delicious can work as a support tool for learning at the school. For example, we, teachers share a lot of links to develop their ideas and create teaching materials. It is common to send email back and forth. I often try digging a bunch of emails to find something useful that I have seen once. It is a hard task. Instead of this boring job, set up Delicious account and bookmark items there. This way, whenever we want to see particular resources, we can refer to our Delicious bookmarks. This can be used to engage students to introduce useful information and it is not only learning new things, but also sharing what they learn with their peers.



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