What does a TL really do?

In Japan, it is uncommon there is/are TL at the school. I have worked as a teacher at Junior High School in Japan however; I have never counted an exact TL in my school. One of teachers –mostly Japanese teacher- generally takes responsibilities for running the school library besides teaching regular classes. Consequently it could be very tough job and unfortunately the library becomes an unattractive place and just smells musty place for students, so who teaches search and collect information?  Usually, technical arts and home economics teachers teach it as a part of regular classes. It is a pity that TL is not recognized as an independent position in the school.

I have had many opportunities to visit both public and the school libraries since I came to Australia. Each library is running very well and is fascinated, I am really impressed whenever I visit any library. It made me to start thinking about librarianship and I decided to study Master of Education TL.

After completing this course, I would like to work for students who come from non-English background like me.


2 thoughts on “What does a TL really do?

  1. This is a great video, informative and down to earth. Looks like we have a lot of work on our hands if we are going to be able to do all this in our libraries in the future.

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